Chinese Blackhat SEO

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Matt Cutts is calling for linkspam report. As he motioned in his post:

Google has been working on some new algorithms and tools to tackle linkspam….

In order to respond, I decided to write some about Chinese Black SEO. They are active at, not at

Why is Matt calling the linkspam report?

As he used the “words has been working”, I assume that Google has employed the new algorithms for their search results already. Currently, they wanna the feedback of the modification to see if the new algorithms is positive. So that they can confirm that the new algorithms make their users happily. That’s great! I appreciate Google’s spirits. As one of the Google Search users, I can feel their sincerity. As one of guys who is learning SEO(Search Engine Optimization: the techniques that help the search engines to get the webpage/website with higher relevance ), I saw the results wheel in last two weeks(It seems Google has modified the new algorithms more than one time, although I just monitor few results in the given topic). And now, seems everything goes steadily. I suppose that the new algorithms has been implemented already don’t take fatal filters to combat with linkspam. So is Matt asking the reports for further modification of the algorithms.

Where my supposition comes from?

A dozen of sites, owned by Black SEOer who comes from Fuzhou, China, still get the decent rankings at Google. Even one of their site get the #3 ranking in Google SERP after this shakes. As I known, the site has been dropped ago. I have no idea why its ranking was raised again. Few sites belongs to them got the increase of Google ranking after the new algorithms was applied as well as.
I really hate those guy, as they are really spammers. They use XSS/SQL inject/FTP Crack to get the control of lots of sites. And then add the hide links to the sites/web pages. Their most favorite are China government( and education( sites(Why? Read the TrustRank Algorithm). The most webmasters of those sites even don’t heard of SEO. On the other hands, those sites are vulnerable. The hidden code for links they would like to use are the following:<marquee width="1" height="5" scrollamount=9721>some related words+link+some related words</marquee>. No any words such as display:none or visibility:false requires via the tag marquee. And it has a good opportunity to escape from the cloaking detections. Another type of favorite of them are related sites. However, they got those sites via generating new sites by themselves. IMO, it can be accepted as no doorway pages are there at least.

Although, I have no mentions about the special sites or phrases here. I have reported them via authoritative Google spam report form. Where is you?

How to duplicate others website in 15 minutes

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It’s a spam technique! I published it for funny. Please don’t use the following tips to create any duplicate websites.
Step 1
Use an software such as HTTrack to download the target website as HTML files.
Step 2
Open all html files in some advance text-editors (e.g. notepad++).

  • Replace the regular expression <!--.*--> to blank. It is to delete the all HTML comments.
  • After the above replacing, there will be blank line/lines in the HTML files. Don’t worry. Just use the regular expression \n\r to replace them.
  • It is almost done. However, the most website contains JavaScript code for Google Analytics or what else tracking code. You may just replace some part of the code with ease if you use the same tracking services. As I don’t really wanna publish the website. So I have replace the tracking code completely here by CTRL+R with the option recurse Rep! in notepad++. Or in CTRL+F model, select the Extended mode, and replace the new line with code \r\n to match all tracking codes. For example:
    <script type="text/javascript">\r\nvar gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");\r\ndocument.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));\r\n</script>\r\n<script type="text/javascript">\r\nvar pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-5******-5");\r\npageTracker._trackPageview();\r\n</script>
  • Don’t forget to replace the official name as well as!
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